Max Harman

Max Harman
November 26, 2017 Jake Shepherd

My experience with Logan Garments (LGA) so far…

Just a month into using Instagram as a dedicated platform for my climbing adventures, I had never expected to be contacted by a clothing brand with not just a large base of followers, but also some awesome clothing designs. This brand was Logan Garments, they wanted to ‘work on a project’ with me. I was understandably curious. I’d never experienced this situation before. At the same time however my fingers were already moving on the keyboard typing the words, ‘Yeah sure!’. Very nonchalant indeed.

So, they got back to me and asked if I wanted to work towards a potential sponsorship with them. They explained what would be required from me, and in turn what I could earn from them. It was clear from the outside it was to my benefit to go for it! What did I have to lose?

Since that point, I have been growing my relationship with the team behind the brand, I have earned two endorsement packages (free of charge) by submitting content for LGA to use on their social media. Now if free clothes isn’t pretty cool, I’m not sure what is!

I feel that I’m now well into my journey with this particular company, I’m lining up to make a new climbing film this weekend which I’m really looking forward to. Hopefully, on proving my commitment to the brand, I might get offered a full sponsorship!

Max Harman

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