LGA Competition Vote

LGA Competition Vote

LGA Competition Vote


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When it comes to running a big online talent show, we make every vote count!

We understand that when you make a vote for your favorite talent, you want to know exactly where your money is going and we pledge to be clear and transparent when it comes to spending your contributions. Each vote is used towards the prize draw of the competition! Each vote stays on the talents profile during the duration of each prize draw.

Opening/closing times:

Vote lines are opened and closed as specified in the Programme homepage. Votes made outside of the times when the vote is open will be carried onto the next voting period.

Voting results:

The outcome of the vote will be shown online.


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Adriana Ruiz, Anna Vasyutina, Borja Mintegiaga Galende, Daniel Arraia, Dubaud Marguerite Sylvie, Gabe Csorba, Gillian Rhodes, Hareyama Kiyozuminko, Ivona Weber, John Spangler, Joshua Sergeant, Justa Vision, Kevin Guillaume AKA Jamko, Leah Patrick, Leonardo Rikerth, Markus Latischew, Mawuena Gbofu, Max Peters, Mile Rakić, Minami Kurihara, Nicole Phillips, Noelia Dominguez Millan, Nouri Ayoub, PRERANA RATHI, Pablo Barquero, Rick Groeneveld, Rob Chapman, Sergio Jiménez, Severin Ruch, Shahbaz Khan, Sharon Hamaoui, Tanner Powell, Trey Cortez, Ville Rehucles, Vladislav Litvine


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