LGA TeamTalent Management Membership Deposit

LGA TeamTalent Management Membership Deposit

LGA TeamTalent Management Membership Deposit


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Welcome! Our company wants to help people like yourself express themselves through talent and team building.

Question) What do I get in my starter pack?

Answer) Any custom LG clothing item of your choice select the size and colours you would like in your starter box in the order notes at checkout.

Step 1 : After the purchase is complete you will be emailed a link to complete your information and submit for review by our sponsorship team. (Please ensure your email address is correct or you will not be sent the link to complete your purchase)

Check out some of our current members here : http://teamtalent.logangarments.co.uk/pages/meet-the-team/ 

Step 2 :  Create a video featuring at least 1 LG product from your starter pack between 1-3 minutes long. The purpose of with video is to showcase your talent.  The video must be recorded in atleast 420p and submitted to us for promotion. You will also be given a 10% discount code in which your friends and family can use upon request.

So what can you expect?

-Social Media Marketing Campaign (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter)

-Online Promotion via social media and International radio weekly. (Calculated by the success of the talent video you submit to us)

– An  Online talent manager if requested and justified.

-24 hour Online Customer Service

-Endorsement packages every 30days including our latest collection this will help you get associated with the brand even more. (Calculated by the success of the talent video you submit to us)

-V.I.P Invitations to Events, photoshoots and video shoots (Global)

-Up to £5,000/. $8,000 budget to cover travel cost and any equipment you may need to help you progress and develop throughout the length of the membership.




Additional information

Product 1

LG Classic Dynamic UNISEX Hoodie Black, LG Classic Dynamic UNISEX Sweater*black*, LGA (1) White Hoodie, LGA Abstract Blue Leggings, LGA Astrology Unisex Sweater, LGA Monkey Business Burgundy Sweater, LGA Men’s Raw Baselayer Short Sleeve T-shirt Black, LGA Camouflage Print Leggings, LGA Charcoal Static Leggings, LGA City Nights Leggings, LGA Classic Ladies Pink Hoodie, LGA Deep Within Hoodie Black, LGA DUAL Sweater Black, LGA Deep Ambition Hoodie, LGA Destiny Unisex Sweater Black, LGA Diamond UNISEX Hoodie Black, LGA Diamond UNISEX Hoodie White, LGA Double Trouble Hoodie Black, LGA Faith In The Flip White Hoodie, LGA Freedom Sweater White, LGA Frost White Hoodie Reborn, LGA Free Spirit Black Sweater, LGA Girlie Cool ½ Zip Sweat (Yellow Touch), LGA Grace Sweater White Unisex, LGA Grey Area Unisex Sweater, LGA Ladies Cowl Neck Top Black, LGA Ladies Criss Cross Leggings, LGA Ladies Eclipse Hoodie White, LGA Ladies Patterned Elephant Sweater (L/G), LGA Ladies Pink Fade Sweater, LGA Ladies Stencil White Sweater, LGA Leo Turquoise Sweater, LGA Lion Heart Evolution Black Sweater, LGA Lone Wolf Hoodie *Black Edition* Unisex, LGA Lone Wolf White Hoodie Unisex, LGA Mean Mug Sweater Black, LGA Nineteen Eighty Five Hoodie White, LGA Retro Track Hoodie 197 [Sapphire Blue/ Arctic White], LGA Retro Track Hoodie GOOD [Jet Black/ Fire Red], LGA Run With The Wolves Raging Red Sweater, LGA Stealth Zip Hoodie black, LGA Sauce Hoodie White, LGA Slashed Tapered Jogpant, LGA Stealth Men’s Cool ½ Zip Sweat (I/Y), LGA Two Tone Unisex Sweater, LGA Unisex Mind Maze Hoodie Grey, LGA Unisex Panther Sweater, LGA What Dreams May Come Hoodie Black, LGA Women’s Signature Leggings, LGA “Q” Hoodie Black Unisex, LG Classic Dynamic Beanie Black, LG Classic Dynamic Beanie Grey, LG Classic Women’s Dynamic T-shirt White *NEW*, LGA Angles T-shirt Grey *New*, LGA Autumn White T-shirt, LGA Barcode White T-shirt, LGA Breaking Barriers Snapback, LGA Broken Pledge Long Sleeve T-shirt Black, LGA Classic Dynamic Analog Series T-shirt (White), LGA Concrete Jungle White T-shirt, LGA Directions White T-shirt, LGA Eight Strikes Sports Crop Top Bra Black, LGA Full Moon T-shirt White, LGA Graphic Crop Top Black, LGA House Party T-shirt (Black), LGA Identity T-shirt Black, LGA Invisible Black T-shirt, LGA Japanese Threefold T-shirt Black, LGA Ladies Sunset Crop Top Black, LGA Lion Heart T-shirt Black, LGA Lone Wolf Snapback Black, LGA Lone Wolf Snapback Royal Blue, LGA Mars Flow Crop Top Black, LGA Meditative Ladies T-shirt White, LGA Men’s Stealth Long Sleeve Base Layer, LGA Native Ladies T-shirt (Pink), LGA Neon Stokes Sports Bra, LGA Night Forrest White T-shirt, LGA No Trace K9 White T-shirt, LGA ONE Cloud 9 T-shirt White, LGA Parkour Vibrant T-shirt Black, LGA Parkour White T-shirt, LGA Pieces to the puzzle T-Shirt White, LGA Pink Revolution Sports Crop Top, LGA Red Zone Sports Bra, LGA Reflective Thought White T-Shirt, LGA Rogue T-shirt, LGA See the light T-shirt (Dark Grey), LGA Stealth-Tech Shorts Black, LGA The Cure Deep Green Sweater, LGA The Moon Matrix Black Sweater, LGA The Promise T-shirt (Light Grey), LGA Tropical Ladies T-shirt, LGA Tusk T-shirt Black, LGA Women’s AXT Training Shorts, LGA Woods Snapback Black, LGA XYZ T-shirt LP, Limited edition LG Snapbacks Black, Men’s LG black Vest Black


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  1. I love logangarments I want to get sponsored because I have wonderful talent.

  2. Hi! My name is aries and i love logangarments i wantto be a part of logangarments clothing

  3. I’m an elite tumbler that can make some crazy videos and would love to be apart of the team!

  4. Excited for this

  5. Chatted with you guys on instagram and you were really clear and helpful and easy to navigate through your website

  6. Awesome stuff can’t wait to be apart of it all!

  7. Am more excited……Thanks LG Team for this great opportunity! !!

  8. I love how the company supports the action/ extreme sport categories I love the design of the clothes and would love to be part of the logang family and I’ll always have the companies back like you have for others

  9. Feels good being a part of it!!!

  10. Its really awesome

  11. Its really good

  12. It is going to be amazing to reach my goals with this amazing brand.

  13. This partnership is going to be amazing

  14. I am so excited for this opportunity! Such a great organization and super helpful getting all the information!

  15. I’m really motivated by this opportunity, it makes me feel full of mental energy.

  16. These products look very well crafted and the design is beautiful

  17. Thank you for this opportunity I will train hard and upload as much as a can. Thank you for allowing my dreams come a reality.

  18. Great clothing! Must buy there clothing!

  19. I really hope this works out, I would love to be sponsored for doing what I love to do.

  20. of the best brands of clothes

  21. It would be great to be part of the project. products look very interesting.

  22. Chatted through insta, the team can’t be more helpful excited to see the results

  23. My biggest dream yet is to get sponsored by a team that wants the best for talented people. I just want to grow with the team and actually work on my talent

  24. Love the brand and looking forward to help build this brand with my talents

  25. It is going to be amazing to reach my goals with this amazing brand.

  26. Thanks for invited me, I’ll do my best to rise my star. I hope this sponsoreship will make me a man. And make you a more famous. GBU.

  27. Thanks for invited me on this team, can’t wait for it!! Thanks again..

  28. Can’t wait for it!! Its very excited moment ..speechless!!

  29. It looks pretty good can’t wait to start Repping the brand

  30. Student love enjoy life other ways

  31. Great products, great team !

  32. Just wanna have fun and help develope a unique company along with myself

  33. They have an awesome clothing range, would love to be a part of the team and develop a great relationship as I compete at this high level.

  34. i want to be part of logangarments. you guyz are perfect for performers like us.. thanx guyz

  35. Nice products, long live this t-shirts

  36. Im Youssef , Street workouter and Guitarist and Gym and Fitness And Freestyler soccer and Kong fu And Tai Chi . My Instagram : Youssef_sfanji
    I Need Free Orders from you to make Awsome videos with you t-shirts

  37. So excited for this opportunity! Talked with them on Fb. Explained everything really well. Can’t wait to see where this goes! Love their clothing!

  38. looks to good to be true, hopefully this turns into a fantastic partnership

  39. I love Logan garment! Their clothing is great!

  40. Once I got to speaking with Logan Garments they were extremely helpful and I feel this could be a huge stepping stone into the direction I want to head in. Thank you for the interest in what I do to possibly be given the opportunity to work along side Logan Garments!

  41. I’m so excited to join LG.

  42. Looking forward to working with you!

  43. Thanks for coun with me, can not wait for it

  44. me parece muy interesante lo que están haciendo por la cultura urbana, estoy de acuerdo en asociarme con ustedes Logan Garments.

  45. I am very talented in the Freerunning/Parkour area! I am constantly training and pushing my body to the limits!!! I would love to show off your amazing gear to everybody I know and don’t know!

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  47. Cool brand and a really nice project, looking forward to help you while reaching my goals!

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  59. I love it I wish I had found it earlier

  60. Unbelievable I can’t say more about it

  61. Hi, mi name is chuy ortiz, i practice Longboard. My talent + logangarments = fun.
    Thanks for invited me.

  62. Pretty sweet clothing.
    Looking forward to trying them.
    Definitely will be sharing more content wearing this geat.

  63. I am so exited about it,it feels awesome being part of it ♡♡♡♡♡and the products are so unique

  64. Nice

  65. My name is Levi DeForest, I am a martial artist, thrill seeker and world traveler. I am looking forward to joining such a vibrant and diverse team/family. Special thanks to Logan Garments for believing in me and helping me reach my goals.

  66. My name is Levi DeForest. I am a martial artist, thrill seeker, anthropologist and world traveler. I am looking forward to joining such a vibrant and diverse team/family. Special thanks to Logan Garments for beleiving in me and helping me maximize my potential!!

  67. Awesome designs, and really easy to communicate with, Cant wait to be part of the LoganGarments Team.

  68. I really love the clothes and I can’t wait to show them off to my friends. I’m a gymnast and fitness lover. A healthy and active lifestyle is my passion and I feel like

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  70. Excited to be a part of this team!

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  73. Can’t wait to become a new member of the family!!! Thank you for inviting me!!!

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